Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves

At SSA, we are best represented by our built work, a product of our firm’s designs. Whether large or small, new or existing, residential or commercial, we always strive to create the best designs possible given project and environmental constraints. Our buildings make a statement; they also reflect the ‘genius loci’, or spirit of place. At SSA, we aspire to capture the essence of the environment and build it into the structural form in an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, cost effective, functional and energy efficient manner. We work collaboratively with our clients to consider the community the structure will serve as well as the landscape in which it will reside. As architects we have developed specialist expertise across every major development sector and provide our clients with the reassurance of a long-standing track record for successful project delivery and design excellence.
All of our projects are driven by committed professionals who understand the interplay of creative design with technical skill and the influence of physical spaces on the way people live and interact. We believe that it’s our freshness and creative energy – combined with our strength and experience across all sectors – that gives us our edge.
As designers we:

  • Design to delight users
  • Create deliverable projects
  • Strive to excel on all schemes, regardless of size or sector
  • Listen to the client, arriving without preconceptions
  • Work with the client to solve challenges
  • Offer deep knowledge of all stages of the build process, from initial briefing to concept design and delivery