Integrated Project Delivery

Due to the Integrated Project Delivery we may be able to compress project schedule and project costs while maintaining quality of the delivered project

Design Stage

Our team has the capability to examine designs carried out by the project architects and their consultants in respect of cost, quality and effectiveness and suggest alternative materials and equipment.

Tendering Stage

The team has the experience of managing and supervising the BOQ audits. The team has the experience of managing and supervising the BOQ audits.

Procurement Stage

At procurement stage, we ensure better negotiations with the vendors on the basis of the experience on managing multiple projects and negotiating on the basis of the rate analysis of various item rates.

Construction Stage

During the construction stage, we monitor quality ,carry out audits, keep daily update of measurements, track cash flows, ensure client approvals in case of changes follow certification strictly in accordance with the tender terms.

Handing Over Stage

We follow time bound commercial closing, carry out rate analysis of extra items in accordance with market rates, ensure commercial settlement of various works and tender conditions