Interior Design

Interior Design is characterized through a mix of creative planning, functionality, and timeless simplicity.

The design of an interior is an integral part of the space, whether residential or commercial. With our interiors, SSA’s  main concerns are the aesthetics of space, style, texture, color and lighting. Space planning is also important – cabinetry and furniture placement should be considered from the early design phases. In the end, it is well-designed details that determine a project’s success.

At SSA, we welcome the design challenges that come with creating beautiful interiors that also function with ease. In commercial spaces, it is particularly important to consider form with function, as space planning, color, and even texture have been shown to impact productivity, creativity, and profitability in the workplace. From contemporary to traditional, Eastern to Mediterranean, SSA delivers innovative solutions to even the most challenging interior space problems.

With particular attention to spatial planning and design details, manipulation of lighting and use of materials, we have produced a number of high-profile interior design projects for a number of corporate clients.

We believe that, our work is not about accommodation, it’s about motivation: engaging and retaining people and building brand loyalty. As designers, we work closely with clients, architects and engineers to:

  • Increase retailers’ profits and office productivity
  • Improve academic performance in schools
  • Create reassuring hospital environments
  • Utilise space more effectively
  • Make spaces more sustainable