Our comprehensive approach includes Process + Integrated Project Delivery + Knowledge Based Design + Lean Process

At SSA we design architecture that reflects an institution’s cultural identity and strategic vision. We direct a highly collaborative, multidisciplinary team process to plan, program and design spaces that promote healthy, flexible and productive work environments. We are committed to a Client-Centred Design, Integrated Project Delivery teams, Knowledge Based Design, Lean processes, and early involvement of owners, designers, contractors and users to develop solutions suited to each client.

Client-Centred Design

We place the client at the centre of the design process. By approaching each project through the client’s eyes, we seek to understand the needs and standards for success. In this way, we avoid a signature SSA style and instead look to the client and the existing architectural context to develop concepts that reflect the client’s values. There are challenges in designing a building two to five years before it opens, a building that will have a life of 50 years or more. We work collaboratively with our clients to crystallize an ideal future experience, ultimately improving people’s lives and creating designs that really work.

Integrated Project Delivery

We at SSA have pioneered in Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) through all phases of development. IPD harnesses the talents and insights of all participants to maximize efficiency, from pre-design through occupancy. All disciplines work collaboratively to make decisions that impact cost, schedule and other critical factors–ultimately delivering a better project for the client. IPD is a clever solution to the tough organizational and contracting problems faced in today’s market. It relies on careful participant selection, transparency and continuing dialog. It is hard to imagine a better internal contractual relationship for efficient construction.

Knowledge-Based Design

We at SSA share the expertise and knowledge of each team member through Knowledge Based Design (KBD). We organize projects around multidisciplinary systems, empowering component team members to solve and integrate solutions collaboratively throughout the pre-design, design and construction process. This is a transformative process that focuses on innovation, knowledge, team organization and collaboration. Innovation comes most successfully and most efficiently from collaboration between people with the right set of complementary talents and expertise.


Lean Processes

At SSA, we are dedicated to helping clients realize the most efficient use of resources. Our differentiator is in our team approach, integrating expertise in work process, ergonomics, spatial relationships and aesthetics. Whether addressing information flow through an office, materials through a factory or patients through a hospital, we employ proven Lean methodologies. From Lean Project Process Design to Lean Operation Improvements and Lean Construction Process, we get the right people in the right place at the right time–all to deliver the most value. At a time when budgets are tight, Lean processes could very well be the answer–and lifeline–for designing and constructing projects in the future. Lean seeks to create more value through greater efficiencies and less waste.

User Experience

At SSA our process engineers focus on understanding the user experience. Through a series of interactive workshops with invested stakeholders, we formulate a vision for the ideal user experience. Whether working with patients in a clinic, students in a classroom, or team members in an office workplace, we draw out the Voice of the Customer to create spaces that truly work. Nearly 93 percent of all thoughts are never voiced, and only seven percent makes it into the spoken word. Pair this with the knowledge that what people say they do is often not what they really do, and you quickly see the value of identifying the latent needs of users.