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Chopstick City Indore

Fusion of Chinese mythology & minimalism

Service Provided

  1. Interior Design


  1. AICA Asia Award 2012 in the category of Interior Designer Restaurant & Bars

Project Description

Developed as a design concept, this Chinese restaurant speaks to the style of Architecture typically associated with “China Town”.
Inspired by the five elements in Chinese astrology metal, wood, water, fire and earth. The restaurant is conceptualized with an exciting concept as ‘fusion of stylish minimalism’ and ‘chic sophistication’.
Weaving the five elements into its design alongwith the red Chinese signature color, which is the colour of good luck interphased with grey and yellow. The furniture has a lacquered finish with hand carved detail that is typical to Chinese Culture.
The walls are peppered with murals depicting animals such as fish, dragons, birds, monkeys and other Chinese mythological figures. The more ambitious image driven undertaking in the use of giant walls with MDF cut outs panel design in which all elements with their key words are engraved.
The cinematic tones come beautifully into play by the dark dome atmosphere creating an identity distinct from the rest of the space.
On the ceiling is the innovative use of the Chinese screen. The tables and chairs are simple wooden design using traditional shapes and geometrics for a simplified, but effective presence. The optional use of space is the ultimate achievement and the designer recreates the China Town experience in the unlikely setting of a restaurant.