Praveen Chheda (Private Residency)

Subdued lighting which is controlled by the digital lighting panel allows mood setting transforming the Villa ambiance from modern European to a casual, contemporary and comfortable experience

Service Provided

  1. Interior Design


  1. Sattva, May – July 2010

Project Description

Situated in the heritage precinct of “Five Gardens”, Matunga and surrounded by the green and clean gardens, the residence on the multi – storyed building, enjoys a beautiful and unobstructed view upto the Arabian Sea in the west and the creek in the east. Thus to take the full advantage of the view, and the breeze the residence has been designed with large glass windows, but at the same time offsetted from the main external elevation with terraces and balconies to maintain a sense of privacy indoors.
The concept of design revolved around the use of glass is minimum and dark woods like walnut, wenge and natural stones like the unpolished old gold stone and rough rosy pink stone are used to give a bold and solid look to the minimal furniture. Arts and artefacts are also extensively used to give a warm and homely feeling. The entire furniture is customized as per the client’s requirements.