RK Agarwal (Private Residency)

Art pieces enhance the style quotient

Service Provided

  1. Interior Design

Project Description

This contemporary multilevel residence is an amalgamation of various design styles that reflect the clients penchant for something new.
The basic concept is simple straight lines and cubes with emphasis on linearity. To break the monotony, motifs, are randomly used. The rich colors of ivory copper and gold with different accent colors are used at each level to distinguish one level from the other making the ambience both rich and plush. The living room which has both formal and informal seating is done in the warm colors of ivory, white & gold with an accent wall and the tasteful art pieces enhance the style quotient.
The bedrooms are designed to function as self contained suites where the sleeping, sitting and entertainment zones area clearly designated. The clichéd veneer has been innovatively used with textures giving the place a dynamic, contemporary look whilst being practical.