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Sayaji Hotels Ltd Indore

The palm trees and the large windows enhance the mood of the courtyard café

Project Description

Sayaji Hotels, of the contrives leading hotelier group was desirous of revamping their entire hotel premises at Indore including guest rooms, public spaces.
The client was desirous to have an exclusive space for the guest room which would combine the ambience with privacy. SSA skillfully designed the guest room that allows the guest to pamper their mood with free flowing spaces. The living area and bedroom is demarcated with the clear glass which gives the seamless experience of both the spaces while the rolling blinds provided let the spaces have their privacy. The bedrooms are also designed in similar fashion.
The guestroom lobbies are designed in cheerful colours and smart artifacts to provide a contemporary image.
Coffee Shop
The Coffee shop created by SSA on the lower level is designed with the courtyard as a theme which gives the feeling of openness, taking an advantage of the high ceiling, the palm trees are strategically placed creating an outdoor ambience. More over the long stained glass panels acting as large window of the buildings enhances the mood of the courtyard cafe.
Kebab Ville
The Kebab Ville is a experiental destination restaurant developed for the Sayaji Group. SSA has created an experiential outdoor ambience where one can tantalize their senses on the rich aroma of deliberately prepared kebabs whist all the remaining senses are being pampered by the ‘Close To Nature Accentuated Ambience’. Being located next to the swimming pool, the sound of water creates the perfect soothing backdrop for an experiential evening. The interiors are done in rich veneer wood and fire bricks, which are both warm and inviting. The rawness of the fire bricks accentuates the experience. The glass canopy gives the space a volume and an open look creating a perfect outdoor setting for guest. Elegant humanizing touches enhance the ambience of the space.

late Mr. Sajid Dhannai

Ex. Managing Director / Sayaji Hotels Ltd.

Architect Sandeep Shikre and his team have created one of the most outstanding four star properties in Pune & Indore for Sayaji Hotel Ltd. His vision in creating high-quality interiors has enabled us to carve a niche in this highly competitive industry. Contemporary guest rooms along with innovatively planned theme restaurants, coffee shops create a superlative for both our projects.