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Weight Management Center

Detailed layout that functions efficiently

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  1. Interior Design

Project Description

Your journey to a healthy you begins here…’
That is the concept for the designing of Pain & Weight Management Clinic for Dr. Sarita Davare. The concept of ‘Rejuvenation’ and a ‘New Avatar’ was translated through colors of nature and lilies. The clinic’s main function is to function efficiently. Along these lines the designers worked to create a layout that would best serve this need. The privacy for the patients is ensured through well placed and properly partitioned enclosures. The fresh ambience is both, warm and welcoming making the patient comfortable from the moment he steps into the clinic.
The open terrace has been converted into a landscaped mini garden which invites the nature into the clinic. The bathrooms are done in the contemporary colors of nature. The grooves in the rooms are an inspiration from the stem of flowers and the rooms are named after the parts of the flowers eg. pollen, Blossom, Style etc.