Client Relationship

Our designers are passionate professionals who place the client at the very centre of the creative process in order to unlock the potential of every opportunity and generate sustainable architectural solutions from first principles

Design is the Focus

Design is at the core of our focus and requires continuous nurturing and direction to keep our work vital and effective both in design and cost. It will differentiate SSA in regional and global markets rendering us indispensable to the process of community building and successful private business ventures.

Commercial Value

Commercial objectives are viewed as opportunities to inspire and inform design solutions. ‘Adding value’ becomes inherent within the solution. This requires an innate understanding of the client’s ‘company culture and objectives’ to successfully execute and integrate.

Collective Innovation

We employ a process of shared input in the design and decision-making process. This ‘collective’ process yields to lateral thinking and better solutions. This as a method depends on collaboration and the best minds.

Informed and Resolute

We employ the simple wisdom of carrying learning curves forward to benefit future work. Informed and efficient resolution of problems allows additional time to re-examine and evaluate direction at each new opportunity. This requires an experience enriched approach and sharing the process with our younger staff.


All projects are seen as new opportunities of discovery. New young minds often challenge approach… and are indispensable to the regeneration within the office.