Central University of Jharkhand – master plan

An attempt to align with the CUJ’s broader vision of vitality, growth, existence and dynamism

Service Provided

  1. Architecture
  2. Master Planning

Project Description

An evolving academic cluster’ is the central idea behind the development of the master – plan. The master plan suggests closed loop planning and achieves the centrality by locating the Library at the center of the zone. The proposed development plan for the Central University Jharkhand (CUJ) has evolved after a rigorous exercise of reading the site conditions and its surroundings.The development plan tries to identify various opportunities an educational campus could exploit under the existing site conditions. The site conditions indirectly emphasizes on developing innovative program and built strategies to create an enriching platform of social and academic interaction. In the process of design development the centrality of Academic Block has become the most important factor for developing the structural plan.

The existing access patterns and the terrain condition require a loop road running through the highest and the lowest plains to maximize the accessibility within the campus plot. The plotting of the loop road defines the subsequent built development and the program distribution. The loop is eventually by passed by a main road becoming the main connector between the city and the campus.

The method of planning and design used in grouping buildings was critical for the CUJ campus planning because the site is vast in scale and composed of numerous parcels which required an imposition of strong built order. Program wise as the university will be built in phases, a strong structural plan is essential to define the academic block and to establish future growth.

Further the development plan is also an attempt to align with the CUJ’s broader vision of vitality, growth, existence and dynamism, a vision as stated in the CUJ website. The program development also takes into consideration CUJ’s interdisciplinary approach towards educational innovation and the aspiration of generating new future standards of education for a developing state of India.