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Greenfields Complex

The facade of the building gives a very disciplined corporate look to the complex

Service Provided

  1. Architecture

Project Description

A 175,000 Sq.ft. corporate complex was proposed to create a crystal like structure of metal & glass that will stand out as a landmark and at the same time create an office space, which can breath fresh Mauritian air. To do so a glass block with terraces are attached to each office. The entrance to the atrium invites the visitors and adds grandeur to the building. Elevators utilize glass and are illuminated from inside for a dramatic effect from the exterior.The open space is used for landscaping, parking and internal roads. The landscaping is designed mainly with small plants and flat ground bushes, .
which add freshness and creates interest. Taller trees will dwarf the side of the building adding impact and change in the environment.
The master layout is prepared in such a way that the entire project can be phased in two or four phases. Each one would be independent. During the process of execution of subsequent phases, the buildings that are already completed and occupied will not be affected by continued construction. The services plan is designed with this ideal as well. The parking spaces & open areas can be utilized for mobilizing construction services..