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IIT Bombay – Auditorium

Project Description

A multipurpose convocation auditorium was renovated for one of the most distinguished premier teaching institute of India. The client brief was to redesign the hall without disturbing the existing 50 year old RCC structure and increase the seating capacity to 1600+ seats.The design team redesigned the layout to make the space functionally efficient and optimize every square inch without compromising on the safety aspect in case of emergencies. The concept is based on straight lines to represent the energy of the youth and red was selected as the dominant color to reflect their vibrancy. The existing RCC structure was renovated to create a smart hall, whose flexibility would enable multi use of the space as a theater, conference hall, award function hall etc.
During the refurbishment the challenge was to introduce climate control existing hall. Since the entire structure was in RCC with shear walls, no new openings were permitted. The existing windows were used to route the ducts, which were exposed in the inside of the hall & formed an integral part of the interior design. Special care was taken to enhance the acoustics of the hall. A state of art AV system was also integrated to meet the technological of today and tomorrow.

Mr.N. Venkataramani

Dean IPS / IIT Bombay

We sincerely thank you for the important role that you have played in the refurbishing of Convocation Hall. Inspite of all odds including the monsoon season and extreme time constrains, the project was successfully completed in time to hold the 50th Convocation where the Chief Guest was Hon. Prime Minister of India.

We, at IIT Bombay highly appreciate the dedication shown by your team in the successful completion of the project to our satisfaction.