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Kesari Corporate Office

To create an office with a ‘corporate feel without the stiffness of a typical corporate office’



  1. IIID Anchor Award 2012 in the category of Excellence in Interior Design Commercial Work Place Large
  2. AICA Asia Award 2012 in the category of Interior Designer Commercial Big

Project Description

This design has been developed for a travel and tourism head office. The client’s brief was to create an office with a “corporate feel without the stiffness of a typical corporate office”.
Being a travel office the designer’s inspiration was the tourist destinations around the world. This was combined with the client’s inspiration of the companies’ mission, vision, success mantras & team spirit.
The two concepts were seamlessly integrated. Various walls & structural columns were paneled based on cubes & lines derived out of the proportions of the flags of various counties to form playful masses. These formed colorful backdrops for the display of the success mantras evolved in 3 dimensions along with hand drawn sketches of various iconic structures of the world.
The monotony of linear cabins along the periphery of the open office was made interesting by introducing city silhouettes from end to end of each cabin. From the office space this created an interesting continuous silhouette of all the iconic & heritage structures of the world.
To get away from a typical open office planning spanning across 10000 sq.ft, various break spaces are created .These spaces act as interactive corners for the team members. A sense of belonging is created by designing a wall displaying photo of each of the employee.
Although not a certified green project, the design integrates various green elements & aspects namely, locally manufactured materials, providing individual task lights, recyclable materials are some of the elements.

Ms. Veena Patil

Ex. Managing Director / Kesari Tours Pvt. Ltd

Thank you very much to you for your wholehearted involvement and Deepti’s committed execution of the project along with Mithila, Reshma and all the team members of SSA.
The most important thing is you considered our all requests and your entire team is ready to do what your client’s wants or their requirements are.
For us this project is an amazing experience, lots of things we are learning in the process.
A BIG Thank you to you ALL.
Now we are eager to shift in there ASAP.
‘Ab raha nahi jata’.