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Kohinoor Mill Mall

Design philosophy was to give the shopper an experience of “street shopping”.

Service Provided

  1. Architecture

Project Description

The Kohinoor Mill Mall is a 1,400,000 Sq.ft. Shopping mall containing retail shops and entertainment centre and food courts. The mall is adjacent to a 4 star business hotel. The design philosophy was to give the shopper an experience of “street shopping” without compromising modern amenities and safety. Using locally available materials architecture incorporates the traditional with the contemporary to create a facade that reflect the heritage to street shopping, which is an integrate part of any city.
Vehicular and pedestrian movement has been carefully designed to maximize efficiency and a special emphasis on way – finding to produce legible and attractive signage that is both aesthetically appealing and effective. Innovative styles have been incorporated to create aesthetically appealing external and internal façade which add to the unique ambience of the shopping mall.