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Kohinoor Square Residential

Luxury never came with so much choice before

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  1. Aiming for LEED Green Home Gold


  1. Evergreen Rachana, Jan 2013
  2. Sleeper Hotel Design, development & Architecture, Jan – Feb 2013
  3. Inspired to be Green vol. 10
  4. Inspired to be Green Vol. 10

Project Description

The Council for Tall Buildings and Urban Habitats (CTBUH) recorded Kohinoor Square as India’s tallest Constructed / Under Construction Commercial / Mixed Use Building. Envisaged by gkkworks (USA) and SSA Architects, Kohinoor Square is a GOLD LEED certified project. The luxurious Residential Tower abuts its fraternal twin – the tallest commercial building in India. Denizens of the Residential Tower will not just have priority access to over 40,000 sq. ft. of luxury retail and a selection of world renowned signature restaurants; they will also have immediate access to the flagship luxury hotel, which crowns the Commercial Tower.Luxury never came with so much choice before. Not only will you find ultra-spacious three and four bedroom apartments equipped to provide you the best in style as well substance, you can also customize your home to suit your taste. Choose between three distinct looks – Classic, Contemporary or Fusion, and pick the one that complements you the best. After all, what’s a home if it isn’t like you?

The club house includes state-of-the-art gym, infinity pool, stroll / jogger’s area, and dedicated play area for children. It is located at east view overlooking the residences on Level 15. The landscape concept at both, the terrace garden level attached to the club house, as well as the roof top level atop the terrace, has all its forms, material, shapes, design and its facet’s edges, keeping the central inspiration from the diamond in mind.”

State-of-the-art Home Automation & Safety Systems have been installed to ensure that your home is accessible strictly to those permitted by you. In fact, there’s an access control system with video surveillance that keeps the Building Management System (BMS) informed about every movement in and around your surroundings.

Our world is the only one we have and we want to do our best to preserve it for the next generation. Hence the project has been designed to achieve a LEED Gold rating. The entire building has been clad with high performance glazing to reduce the internal heat gains, thus decreasing the heat loads on the air-conditioning system. What’s more, there’s an Intelligent Building System, that can actually sense when and which part of the building is occupied and accordingly confines the operation of air conditioning in the common areas through V.R.F multi- zone system.Even the facade has been designed in such a way that it acts as a natural sun-shading device which in turn cuts down the thermal gain of the building. Plus, the double glass unit (DGU) of the building stops UV rays from entering the building. We have also implemented a Gas Leak Detection system and water recycling techniques to improve efficiency of the tower. Rainwater harvesting is the need of the hour. This just ensures that there is continuous supply of water for basic needs irrespective of the availability of the municipal source. The Waste Water Management Plan has been developed to ensure that the discharged domestic wastewater is treated at the STP and gets reused for landscaping and flushing purpose.

The residential tower has a grand foyer at the ground level. The lobby houses the elevators which use the unique Compass Management System provided by OTIS to reduce your waiting time for an elevator to less than half a minute. Moreover with speeds of up to 6mts/sec, these elevators are among the fastest in the country.”