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Russia Gelenzhic

The concept proposed was an envelope of water to encompass nature

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  1. Architecture
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  1. Architectural Ideas

Project Description

SSA reinvigorated the master layout at Gelenzhic Russia where there are villas and apartments and 1.6 hectares of land allotted for a world class 5 star retreat of 600,000 Sq.ft. to promoted tourism. The design presentation included 3D views developed by SSA provided a design solution that appeal to both business travelers and tourists. The concept proposed was an envelope of water to encompass nature, hence the structure has a more free flowing space that is both symbolic & iconic in nature where the curved glass shape is a rising wave. The linear plan follows the line of the beach front and was dictated by the decisions to provide all rooms both private and public with unobstructed views towards the sea.
The design incorporates various activities like business and convention centers, retail / shopping with curved glass atrium for exclusive signature shopping, health spa, gaming zones, night clubs with beautifully landscaped recreational areas. The guest rooms at every level have been different themes e.g. Indian, Morroccan, Japanese etc to ensure excitement and avoid a feeling of de ja vu for repeat guest.