Traditional Neighbourhood Development

‘The Masterplan promotes sustainable approach to energy creation including solar energy use, wind energy use, and ground water recharge.

Service Provided

  1. Architecture
  2. Master Planning

Project Description

The Tara Masterplanning Project is a 145 acre Traditional Neighbourhood Development (TND) near Panvel city in Maharashtra State (India). As such, the project represents one of the first developments in the region planned according to TND principles in Maharashtra state.
The neighbourhood includes 580 housing units distributed between four transect zones (R1, R2, R3 and R4). Keeping with the intent of TND’s principles, the four transect zones include a mix of housing and green spaces. Comprehensive Masterplan includes live-work units, light retail commercial, single-family dwellings, rentable cottages, open air Sunday market, greenway, and outdoor sports bay. All are connected through an efficient network of motorways, pedestrian paths, and boulevards that provide internal circulation.
The Masterplan promotes sustainable approach to energy creation. Solar energy use, wind energy use, and ground water recharge being the highlights of the masterplan. The democratic grid-iron pattern and the tree-lined sidewalks foster an intimate, safe, and green neighbourhood setting, while discouraging speeding. As many trees as possible will remain in place to enhance the community’s park-like setting, which includes green paths and open spaces for residents to enjoy. Most importantly, the Retail Commercial (RC1) strip, Convention Center located within the Sports Bay Zone, and the Sunday Market will serve as the community’s focal points, all within walking distance of residents.